Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I always feel guilty for not coming to this space as often to share more intimately the lessons that I have experienced. A few years ago this felt like one of the only spaces I could come for "safe" sharing. I continue to navigate the intentions of my internet presence and the ways that making a living as an artist influences those intentions. All part of the dance we dance in the brilliance of our particular context. Post production of my first play "Where Earth Meets the Sky" I have learned many lessons that I am still unpacking as a working woman artist. Collaborating with other WOC artist was a rare experience of challenges and reflections good, bad, difficult, and beautiful. I close the first chapter of that experience knowing that I still believe in the sacred power of creating in collective as women and as colonized bodies. I have so much more to learn from my sisters, my daughters, my lovers, and my mothers. For that reason I am deeply excited to be hosting a sharing of women in Houston next week at MECA. Join me April 7, for an evening of poetry by Latinx writers Jasminne Mendez-Writer/Poet, Sarah Rafael Garcia of Barrio Writers, and Isabel Quintero.