Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tomorrow I'm off to Tucson to join some amazing poets and some pretty incredible community. I am honored by the opportunity and hope to learn as much (if not more) as I can give. I had been reflecting these last few days about what is referred to as the "imposter syndrome" - a feeling of chronically faking your role in whatever context you find yourself. I find we usually feel this way when we do not recognize ourselves as being "good enough" - whatever that may mean. In my process at this present moment, I humbly recognize that I have a long way to go as a writer, an artist, an educator, a human being. Yet, I often find myself exhausting my energy fighting these invasive feelings of being an imposter or often a token in the spaces I frequent. I have resolved at this moment to show up exactly as I am, nothing more, and to trust that what I am is always radical, is always giving, is always enough. As this is all I can do and all that is necessary. I look forward to meeting you. E.