Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finally home after traveling and performing last week in Honduras. What an honor to be interviewed about my poetry and my walk on 88.9 in Tegucigalpa the capital of Honduras. Here are some pictures of us at the station before my performance at the amazing feminist queer affirming political space El Paradiso. From the coast to the mountains to the city the fire of the people and our sacred mother is alive! Traveling in Honduras in the wake of the assassination of Lenca activist/leader Berta Cáceres has been a charging like no other.  BERTE VIVE is so much more than a hash tag it is a call to action, it is the inevitable revolution that is carried in the hearts of the people, the trees, the mountains. Inspiring is not enough word for the experience spending time with her family and her community. Hearing stories about her walk from the mouths of her children, partner, sisters, brothers, and her people was a sacred type of ceremony. A new form of hope was born in me and the seeds for solidarity and compromiso were sown. New poems were born as well and for the first time I wrote and shared poetry in spanish!! I was nervous but encouraged by respected feminist writers in Honduras to write more. This is certainly a new chapter in my life that I never imagined would come but I am glad it did. I suspect more will come out of this multilingual lenca mexica mestiza heart of mine and hope to share this process with you mi gente. Until then, my heart is in Latin America and I stand with the indigenous/Garifuna communities in Honduras! My spirit is with them as they continue in their fight to protect our mother and the dignity of life! ‪#‎BertaViveLaLuchaSigue‬‬ ‪#lenca‎solidarity‬ ‪#‎diaspora‬